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Tiffany Hull: News

Tiffany Hull & The Hot Mess hit the studio!! - February 12, 2012

Dear (fill in the blank),

We are so very pleased to inform you that at long last, you may exhale...for we are heading back into the studio with some new material. It might be prudent to schedule some (choose one): elation/breathing techniques/happy dancing/good-vibes into your calendar this Fall as the fruits of our labor will be unveiled. Thank you for your patience while we record the crap out of these new tunes.


Tiffany Hull & The Hot Mess

Benefit Concert for MLK Magnet Music Department - August 29, 2008

Nashville Public Arts Crisis, NPAC, wants to raise awareness of the needed budget for the art and music departments in our public school system. With small concerts at local venues, NPAC will help raise funds and spread this message. Each event will generate donations for one specific school and one specific department. With growth in awareness, each event will be larger than the last. This is a movement, a series of actions tending toward a particular end, by people who have a passion for the arts, whether it's in music, literature, art or theater.

The Martin Luther King School band is busy group of students. They have been asked to play The Forbidden City (China) next year. With this invitation, each student must raise approximately $4,000 for travel expenses....and there's 300 of em!!!
In addition to visiting China next year, they have a supreme reputation of excellence in music education! Come out and help support these kids!!
Sept 6th, 7-10p $10
Edgehill Studio Cafe
1201 Villa Place, Nashville, TN, 615.301.8539
See you there!

Benefit Concert for Boys/Girls Club of Zion - October 9, 2007

Time to spread the word! On November 10th we will be performing for a very special cause. The Zion Police Department along with area community leaders and churches will be hosting a Boys/Girls Club benefit concert to help bring a Boys/Girls club to the area. We need your help to make this a successful event! Please help get the word out as I will be joined by special guests 38 Acres at Grace Missionary on November 10th at 7PM. Proceeds will benefit the Boys/Girls Club. Tickets are available now online @ . Hope to see everyone there! Doors open @ 6p.

FameCast Update! - September 21, 2007

Hey Friends,
You guys are such awesome fans with mad voting skills that you voted my FameCast video into the top 50 videos out of 250+!!! Apparently, there is another round of voting and if you follow the rabbit trail far enough ends, in a $10,000 prize, etc. So, please find a moment to revisit the website and vote for me. Here's the link:

Voting does NOT make you ugly! - August 25, 2007

Hey Friends, friend Jessica Sonner (who is playing at Double Door this Tuesday after my band wrecks the stage with the rocking and the rolling), and I were having dinner sometime this month. I asked Jess what her weekend plans were. And she replied, "Hey! I am going to an audition on Sunday at Schuba's for, and YOU should go with me".

I am a huge advocate for random auditioning in order to keep your auditioning skills sharpened. Long story short, I went with Jess and we both auditioned (and got free t-shirts). Come to find out, it's a contest of sorts that requires voting and the like. So, If you wanna see me scared as hell, playing my lil heart out, follow this link:
And then vote for me. Pretty please...with sugah on top...

Midnight Train to Georgia... - August 16, 2007

My dearest friends,

My band and I are playing a show at Double Door ( on Tuesday, Aug 28th @ 9p. Jessica Sonner ( and Laura Fleming ( will also be there in all their singer/songwriter awesomeness. Cover is $5. I know, I's a Tuesday night and most of you have to work the next day. But I have two bits of information with which to persuade you:

1. Music starts at 9, so conceivably, you could be in bed by midnight...not SO ARE still young & spry, right?

2. Double Door will be the last full band show that I play for some time as I am relocating to Atlanta at the end of September...or October (most of you know this). See, there's a record label in Atlanta that I am negotiating with in order to fund my next album and tour a bit more (details to follow soon). PLUS, as you know, I am originally from the South and long to be closer to my family. Plus, PLUS, it's just too dang cold in Chicago. Can I get a heck yeah?!? Sheesh.

Long story short, I would love, love, LOVE the opportunity to entertain you guys once more and extend to you a proper departure embrace. Chicago has been awesome to me and my music. You have been the bestest fans (I'm not just saying that!). So, I'll see you, and 10 of your closest friends at Double Door!


Rollins Radio Interview! - June 14, 2007

Hey Friends, I am thrilled to tell you that I will be appearing on The "Local Heros" segment of WPRK Rollins College Radio in Orlando on Friday, 6/15 @ 3pm. I will be promoting my Studio Cafe and Austin's Coffee shows this weekend. Be sure to tune in or listen online at !

Radio Play - May 20, 2007

Hey Friends! Uncommon Ground Radio is spinning my tracks beginning May 23rd until my show on the 27th. Just go to and click on hi-fi or low-fi, depending on the speed of your internet connection. So, tune in and enjoy!

Band camp! BAND CAMP! - May 15, 2007

I'm going to band camp in July! Well...actually...I'm working at band camp. The Power Chord Academy ( provides a great camp for youngsters to learn how to form bands, write songs and record music. Humbly, I am working as a producer and I am thrilled. I will most certainly blog about this awesome experience. "And this one time, at band camp..."

For those of you text-junkies out there... - March 1, 2007

We've signed on with to offer you FREE text alerts of our shows in your area. If interested, just complete the form below. Love, love, love technology!

Radio play - February 24, 2007

Now hear this....
"Just Smile" is getting radio play on Indie 104.7FM in Los Angeles, CA! You can request to hear our song and cop a listen.

Fellow Chicagoan? You can dial into UIC Radio on Mondays from 12-1p and hear our tunes on a show called "Hidden Treasures of Rock N Roll"..

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